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Deal With the Details - Plan Your Day - Communicate with the Bride and Family - Use the Best Forms and Checklists. Learn from the experiences of Professional Wedding Photographer, Gary Culley.

Wedding Photography Shot List did not come easy. When I started gathering my thoughts, my first memory was of the folks that, in their earliest planning, felt strong about using "their" list. Oh no, the client supplied list.

I would explain how things normally were done, for me, in a very organized fashion. Always with room for all the requests of the families. I'm sure it grew as I grew my business. Gaining confidence. Never too pushy and always respectful of the dynamics of family, or families.

Their list that seemed so important in the beginning faded as they realized how committed I was to capturing their most special day covering all their requests and more.

The Non-List that became my standard procedure and timeline for the wedding day was really a most incredible list -- comfortably stored in my memory. Grown and tweaked over many weddings, I really never thought of it as a list. Until recently, when I decided to share. I'd like you to have it today. Take it and grow YOUR business.



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